For new registrations please choose a type of access according to your market role (transport customer / balancing group manager, network operator, network access customer) and the preferred entitlement (e.g. transport customer – accounting data). For more entitlements, please contact your customer adviser.


Here you will find the functional description of the new view on capacity invoicing data.


For questions and remarks please contact us as follows:

Capacity Marketing (for capacity contracts and inclusions in a balancing group contract): / phone (+49) 341 – 27111 -4545
Disposition / Dispatching (for nominations / announcement of quantities): / phone (+49) 341 – 27111 -2525
Invoicing / Metering (for invoicing data and orientation values):

Network Connection Contract Management (for Internal Order): and / phone (+49) 341 – 27111 -2904
and -5809.


We are happy to help you.